Friday, April 27, 2007


Good luck everyone!!!


1. Raiders, Jamarcus Russell
2. Bucs, Calvin Johnson WR
3. Browns, Brady Quinn QB
4. Lions, Gaines Adams DE
5. Cardinals, Joe Thomas OT
6. Redskins, Amobi Okoye DT
7. Vikings, Adrian Peterson RB
8. Falcons, Laron Landry S
9. Dolphins, Levi Brown OT
10. Texans, Leon Hall CB
11. 49’ers, Patrick Willis LB
12. Bills, Marshawn Lynch RB
13. Rams, Alan Branch DT
14. Panthers, Greg Olsen TE
15. Steelers, Jamal Anderson DE
16. Packers, Derrel Revis CB
17. Jaguars, Adam Carriker DE
18. Bengals, Lawrence Timmons LB
19. Titans, Dewayne Bowe WR
20. Giants, Joe Staley OT
21. Broncos, Michael Griffin S
22. Cowboys, Ted Ginn, Jr WR
23. Chiefs, Dewayne Jarrett WR
24. Patriots, Jon Beason LB
25. Jets, Jarvis Moss DE
26. Eagles, Reggie Nelson S
27. Saints, Chris Houston CB
28. Patriots, Brandon Merriweather S
29. Ravens, Justin Blalock OT
30. Chargers, Robert Meecham WR
31. Bears, Anthony Gonzales WR
32. Colts, Justin Harrell DT

* I reserve the right to correct this list anytime before the 1st pick of the draft is selected to protect myself from Al Davis & any “Mario Williams” style announcements prior to the actual draft!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

MOCK DRAFT: 2nd round

Ok, as the rounds go by & we attempt to assess value to the players it becomes more & more difficult. Each teams opinions can very. So, when one of us try to project outside the first round you tend to see Mock Drafts really lean towards "Team Needs" & not "Best Player Available".
How accurate is the Mock up of the 2nd round? Well, I could be right on here or way off. Probably somewhere in the middle, I would think.
Raiders, Arron Sears OL
Lions, Trent Edwards QB
Bucs, Anthony Spencer DE
Browns, Aaron Ross CB
Bears Tony, Ugoh OT/OG
Cardinals, Victor Abaramiri DE
Falcons, Ben Grubs OG
Dolphins, Robert Meechem WR
Vikings, Steve Smith WR
49’ers, Sidney Rice WR
Bills, Marcus McAulley CB
Falcons, Tim Crowder DE
Panthers, David Harris LB
Steelers, Justin Durant LB
Packers, Zach Miller TE
Jaguars, Arron Rouse, S
Bengals, Jutin Harrell DT
Titans, Craig Davis WR
Giants, Buster Davis LB
Rams, Josh Beekman OG
Cowboys, James Marten OT
Chiefs, Tanard Jackson CB
Seahawks, Ben Patrick TE
Broncos, Tim Crowder DE
Eagles, Quentin Moses De
Saints, Jason Hill WR
Jets, Josh Wilson CB
Dolphins, Ryan Harris OT
Ravens, Lamarr Woodley DE
Chargers, Ray Mcdonald DT
Jets, Scott Chandler TE
Bucs, Eric Weddle S

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A player that is shooting up many Draft Boards is Tennessee's "Justin Harrell". With players at the Defensive Tackle position such as Alan Branch & Amobi Okoye, Justin Harrell has been overshadowed & robbed of television coverage & hype.

After watching film on Harrell I am convinced that this young man is a 1st round talent. I could see him going somewhere in the late portion of the first round. Just watching his ability to penetrate the Offensive line & then give that extra athletic surge to get to the Quarter Back or the ball carrier is very, very impressive.

The only issue with Harrell is a durability question. He tore his bicep & missed seven games in his senior year. Impressively, Harrell played through the pain against rival Florida & now has shown he is fully recovered by putting up 31 reps of 225lbs at the NFL Combine!

Where could he end up? I could see Justin Harrell landing going as early as #21 to the Broncos, #23 to the Chiefs or even the defending Super Bowl Champs Indianapolis Colts at #32.

Here is a link to some video of Harrell over at ESPN.COM. They have tons of awesome video that you view at your leisure. Enjoy!

The Jack


But, what if...............

Mock Draft/ Draft 3.0

Raiders: Jamarcus Russell QB (4)
Lions: Gaines Adams DE (6)
Browns: Brady Quinn QB (5)
Bucs: Calvin Johnson WR (1)
Cardinals: Joe Thomas OT (2)
Redskins: Laron Landry S (7)
Vikings: Adrian Peterson RB (3)
Falcons: Levi Brown OT (14)
Dolphins: Amobi Okoye DT (8)
Texans: Leon Hall CB (10)
49’rs: Patrick Willis LB (11)
Bills: Paul Poslusny LB (16)
Rams: Alan Branch DT (9)
Panthers: Greg Olsen (17)
Steelers: Jamal Anderson DE (15)
Packers: Marshawn Lynch RB (12)
Jaguars: Adam Carriker DE (18)
Bengals: Joe Staley OT (20)
Titans: Derelle Revis CB (13)
Giants: Dewayne Bowe WR (19)
Broncos: Michael Griffin S (25)
Cowboys: Ted Ginn, Jr WR (21)
Chiefs: Dewayne Jarrett WR (22)
Patriots: Lawrence Timmons LB (24)
Jets: Jarvis Moss DE/LB (23)
Eagles: Jon Beason LB (26)
Saints: Chris Houston CB (29)
Patriots: Reggie Nelson S (27)
Ravens: Justin Blalock OT (31)
Chargers: Robert Meecham WR (28)
Bears: Anthony Gonzales WR (2nd rounder)
Colts: Brandon Merriweather S (32)

Number on the right side in ( ) shows where I rank the players on a skill level/value chart. If the number on the right is lower than the number on the left then the team is getting more value for their pick. If it is higher then the team is "reaching" for the player..


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hmmmm....but then again.

Mock Draft/ Draft 2.0

Raiders: Jamarcus Russell QB (4)
Lions: Gaines Adams DE (6)
Browns: Brady Quinn QB (5)
Bucs: Calvin Johnson WR (1)
Cardinals: Joe Thomas OT (2)
Redskins: Amobe Okoye DT (8)
Vikings: Adrian Peterson RB (3)
Falcons: Laron Landry S (7)
Dolphins: Levi Brown OT (14)
Texans: Alan Branch (9)
49’rs: Patrick Willis LB (11)
Bills: Marshawn Lynch RB (12)
Rams: Leon Hall CB (10)
Panthers: Paul Poslusny LB (16)
Steelers: Jamal Anderson DE (15)
Packers: Derelle Revis CB (13)
Jaguars: Adam Carriker DE (18)
Bengals: Greg Olsen TE (17)
Titans: Dewayne Bowe WR (19)
Giants: Joe Staley OT (20)
Broncos: Michael Griffin S (25)
Cowboys: Ted Ginn, Jr WR (21)
Chiefs: Dewayne Jarrett WR (22)
Patriots: Lawrence Timmons LB (24)
Jets: Jarvis Moss DE/LB (23)
Eagles: Jon Beason LB (26)
Saints: Chris Houston CB (29)
Patriots: Reggie Nelson S (27)
Ravens: Justin Blalock OT (31)
Chargers: Robert Meecham WR (28)
Bears: Anthony Gonzales WR (2nd rounder)
Colts: Brandon Merriweather S (32)

Number on the right side in ( ) shows where I rank the players on a skill level/value chart. If the number on the right is lower than the number on the left then the team is getting more value for their pick. If it is higher then the team is "reaching" for the player.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Ok, folks. Here is the first installment of the rapid fire Mock Drafts I'll be posting through out the week!

Feel free to post your opinions!

Mock Draft/ Draft 1.0

Raiders: Jamarcus Russell QB (4)
Lions: Brady Quinn QB (5)
Browns: Calvin Johnson WR (1)
Bucs: Gaines Adams DE (6)
Cardinals: Joe Thomas OT (2)
Redskins: Amobe Okoye DT (8)
Vikings: Adrian Peterson RB (3)
Falcons: Laron Landry S (7)
Dolphins: Alan Branch DT(9)
Texans: Leon Hall CB (10)
49’rs: Patrick Willis LB (11)
Bills: Marshawn Lynch RB (12)
Rams: Derelle Revis CB (13)
Panthers: Paul Poslusny LB (16)
Steelers: Jamal Anderson DE (15)
Packers: Greg Olsen TE (17)
Jaguars: Adam Carriker DE (18)
Bengals: Lawrence Timmons LB (24)
Titans: Dewayne Bowe WR (19)
Giants: Levi Brown OT (14)
Broncos: Joe Staley OT (20)
Cowboys: Ted Ginn, Jr WR (21)
Chiefs: Dewayne Jarrett WR (22)
Patriots: Jon Beason LB (26)
Jets: Jarvis Moss DE/LB (23)
Eagles: Michael Griffin S (25)
Saints: Chris Houston CB (29)
Patriots: Reggie Nelson S (27)
Ravens: Justin Blalock OT (31)
Chargers: Robert Meecham WR (28)
Bears: Anthony Gonzales WR (2nd rounder)
Colts: Brandon Merriweather S (32)

* Number on the right side in ( ) shows where I rank the players on a skill level/value chart. If the number on the right is lower than the number on the left then the team is getting more value for their pick. If it is higher then the team is "reaching" for the player.


Hey everyone! Sorry for the long delay. I was on a break due to a family illness, but everything is now under control & I'm ready for an exciting/nerve wracking week as we lead up to the draft!!!

Below is a top 32 list of player rankings. This DOES NOT mean that this is where I think these players will be drafted. It only refelcts what I think when it comes to who is better or has more value.

Let me know what you think.

1.Calvin Johnson WR
2.Joe Thomas OT
3.Adrian Peterson RB
4.Jarmarcus Russell QB
5.Brady Quinn QB
6.Gaines Adams DE
7.Laron Landry S
8.Amobi Okoye DT
9.Alan Branch DT
10.Leon Hall CB
11.Patrick Willis LB
12.Marshawn Lynch RB
13.Darelle Revis CB
14.Levi Brown OT
15.Jamal Anderson DE
16.Paul Poslusny LB
17.Greg Olsen TE
18.Adam Carriker DE
19.Dwayne Bowe WR
20.Joe Staley OT
21.Ted Ginn, Jr WR
22.Dewayne Jarrett WR
23.Jarvis Moss DE
24.Lawrence Timmons LB
25.Michael griffin S
26.Jon Beason LB
27.Reggie Nelson S
28.Robert Meecham WR
29.Chris Houston CB
30.Anthony Spencer DE
31.Justin Blalock OT
32.Brandon Meriweather S

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Stock Watch - Pro Day movers

Impressive Pro Day's have a number of players flying up draft boards.At Central Michigan's Pro Day, tackle Joe Staley put up a 4.8 in the 40-yard dash, a 32-inch vertical jump, and a 9-foot-9 broad jump. His stock has been soaring ever since. He looks to be a first round lock and top 15 is a possibility.Amobi Okoye, at 305 pounds, ran a 4.85 40 yard dash during his Pro Day and sees his stock continue to rise. He now could go in the top ten.Houston running back Jackie Battle has emerged as a sleeper candidate after an excellent Pro Day. At 6-2 and 235 pounds, Battle ran a 4.42 40 yard dash, a 41-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-11 long jump, 4.11 short shuttle, 6.51 three-cone drill and 19 bench press reps. He also impressed scouts with his receiving ability.


Doss Signs with Vikings

The Vikings will be signing free-agent safety Mike Doss this morning, a team official confirmed. Doss has started 46 games with the Indianapolis Colts during his four-year career, but he was placed on injured reserve after six games last season.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey everyone! I've been on a little break from the off season festivities for the last few weeks. I'm trying to gather my energies for the April push & get ready for the big day. I should be back on with some updates on Free Agency & those "DRAFT RUMORS" we all love.

So fear not, True Believers COLD DRAFT 2007 will indeed continue its relentless coverge of the upcoming NFL DRAFT!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007



-The Bucs signed Colts LB Cato June to a three-year deal worth around $12 million.

-Houston re-signed former Heisman winner Ron Dayne to backup Ahman Green

-Philly re-signed Correll Buckhalter

-The Chiefs signed Bears DT Alfonso Boone

-K.C. re-signed DT Ron Edwards

-Titans signed Bears WR Justin Gage

-Cincinnati opted not to match the offer sheet restricted free agent DT Shaun Smith signed with Cleveland last week. The four-year offer sheet is believed to be worth about $8M.

-Cleveland has reportedly signed former Tennessee DT Robaire Smith to a 4Y, $12M deal that includes a $4 million signing bonus.

Friday, March 9, 2007


Colts' Super Bowl hero Rhodes chooses Raiders

Running back Dominic Rhodes, one of the heroes of the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl XLI championship less than two months ago, is headed to the team that finished the 2006 season with the league's worst record.
Rhodes on Friday morning agreed with the Oakland Raiders on a two-year contract that can be worth as much as $7.5 million, league sources confirmed for Rhodes had generated considerable interest as an unrestricted free agent and made several visits, but met with Oakland officials earlier this week and was sold on the opportunity there.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wow! That didn't take very long! It looks like Dick Jauron has lanced the festering boil that is knows as Willis McGahee, from the Bill's backside. While I'm sure McGahee will eventually show the talent that he has so often talked about, the Bills have rid themselves of a locker room poison & added multiple picks to this & next years draft. Good move.

McGahee traded to Ravens for multiple picks

The Ravens and Bills agreed to a trade Thursday that will send running back Willis McGahee to Baltimore in exchange for the team's third and seventh-round picks in this year's draft, along with the Ravens' third-round pick in 2008, league sources said.
Buffalo dealt McGahee in anticipation of difficulty with his contract, which has one season remaining at $2.155 million. The Ravens and McGahee have already begun negotiations on a contract extension, McGahee's agent Drew Rosenhaus said.


While Ravens fans may still be reeling from the news that Running Back, Jamal Lewis has signed a one year $3.5 million deal with the Cleveland Browns, the real shock waves from this signing will be felt in this April's NFL DRAFT. Specifically, the top 10 spots of the first round.
Most of the talking heads who analyze and post MOCK DRAFTS have been scrambling to understand just what the Cleveland Browns move will now do with their 3rd pick overall? Originally, most boards showed it was a sure lock that the Browns would select Running Back Adrian Peterson. Now it seems, they have a couple of different ways that they could go.
The first option they have is to take the most talented player available. This selection would be represented by Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson. Johnson is the top rated player overall in the 2007 draft, but with the Oakland Raiders sitting at #1 & the Detroit Lions at #2 it is highly unlikely that either one of them will use there pick on Mr. Johnson and his phenomenal abilities. With Calvin Johnson still hanging around at #3 the Browns could pick him from the Draft Tree. giving Romeo Crennel yet another dangerous weapon for his offense.
The other option would give the Browns organization the piece to their franchise they have been missing for decades, a franchise Quarter Back! Many sports writers and announcers have had quite a fun time with their attempts at destroying or eroding former Nortre Dame Quarter Back, Brady Quin's reputation as a highly skilled signal caller. The most notable criticism being that he folded under pressure during the big games. I find this criticism laughable. Brady Quin has been under the tutelage of former New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, Charlie Weis. Since Weis has taken over the reigns of Notre Dame's much coveted football program he has installed a "professional style offense". Yes that's right "professional" as in "NFL" style. It is that same style that helped develop New England's Quarter Back Tom Brady & netted the franchise two of its three Super Bowl Rings. It is my guess that Charlie Weis is on the phone to his old comrade in arms, Romeo Crennel, singing Quinn's praises & Crennel is starting to hum along.
Both of these options would be a good move for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. Because, both players have the potential skill to become elite players at the next level. Grabbing Jamal Lewis was a brilliant maneuver to open up their #3 pick to ensure they draft a player that will be a cornerstone for the franchise for the next decade or more. Now how the Buc's pick at #4 to the Vikes at #7 is a crap shoot!


I did not see this one coming. This move will definately change how the Browns will use their 3rd overall pick in this Aprils NFL Draft. Many Mock Drafts had them snapping up Running Back Adrian Peterson. With Jamal Lewis now on the roster it looks unlikely that will happen.
My best projection is that they would either go after Wide Reciever, Calvin Johnson or Quarter Back, Brady Quinn. Free Agency just go a whole lot more interesting folks!!!
Lewis stops waiting on Ravens, signs with Browns

For two years, the Baltimore Ravens have wondered about Jamal Lewis' breakaway speed. They no longer have to wonder.

Lewis, the franchise's all-time leading rusher, broke away from the Ravens and signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal with the rival Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. If he plays well, Lewis' salary could be boosted to $5 million.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Bucs agree to three-year deal with Petitgout

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took the first step toward revamping their offensive line on Tuesday, signing unrestricted free agent tackle Luke Petitgout to a three-year, $15.5 million contract



The Denver Broncos continue their free spending ways with yet another high profile Free Agent signing. Tight end, Daniel Graham is widely regarded as the top rated man at his position available during the off season.

It seems the Broncos have taken a page out of Daniel Snyder's/Redskins book & decided they could buy a championship. We will have to wait & see if money talks or money walks?

Broncos sign TE Graham

The Broncos made their another huge free-agent splash Tuesday night by signing New England tight end Daniel Graham to a five-year contract.
The Thomas Jefferson High School graduate and former CU star signed a $30 million deal with $15 million in guaranteed money.


While I'm not overly excited about this signing for my Vikes, it is nice to see that we are fulfilling a need since we only have 2 Wide Receivers on the active roster at this time. Troy Williamson & Billy McMullen do nothing to instill fear in the opposing defenses. Wade has alot of potential & maybe under Childress's watch he can realize that potential? Childress acknowledged that Wade is not the answer to the Vikes offensive woes but he looks forward to using Bobby Wades ability out of the slot & his kick return abilities.
The one thing I do like is Rick Spielmans philosophy of going after players who are 26 years of age & under, coming out of their first 3 year contract. One, you build a strong youth movement & two, it is an economically sound way to approach Free Agency.

Vikings sign wide receiver Wade

The Minnesota Vikings signed wide receiver Bobby Wade Tuesday night with the pool of free agents at that position dwindling. Wade, who caught 33 passes for 461 yards and two touchdowns last season for Tennessee, spent the first three years with Chicago. The Bears cut him near the end of 2005 because of fumbling problems on special teams, and the Titans claimed him off waivers.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Here is a list of more recent signings for the Free Agency period. We are now seeing a large volume of 2nd & 3rd tier players filling in team rosters around the league.

49ers add Pats linebacker Banta-Cain

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers added their fourth potential starter to their defense by reaching an agreement Tuesday with Patriots linebacker Tully Banta-Cain.
He will receive a three-year, $12.2 million contract that will pay him $4 million in 2007.
Banta-Cain was being looked at by 4-3 teams as a defensive end and 3-4 teams as a linebacker. He was replaced by Adalius Thomas in New England.
Banta-Cain, who has good speed, was a seventh-round pick from California and gets a chance to return to the Bay Area.
-- John Clayton

New York Jets: New York continued its busy spending spree Tuesday by agreeing to a contract with former Cowboys defensive end Kenyon Coleman.
Kenyon Coleman is a physical defensive lineman and we like his size and strength up front," general manager Mike Tannenbaum said. "He has experience playing the 3-4 defense and we're looking forward to having him be a part of our organization."
Coleman played all 16 games for Dallas last season, his sixth in the NFL, and recorded 31 tackles, four sacks and two batted-down passes.
Also Tuesday, the Jets re-signed defensive end Bobby Hamilton, who was released by the team for salary cap reasons on March 1.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh signed 49ers punter Andy Lee, who is a restricted free agent, to an offer sheet Tuesday.
San Francisco has seven days to match the offer. If they choose not to match, they will receive the Steelers' 2007 sixth-round draft choice.
Lee averaged a career-best 44.8 yards per punt last season -- good for sixth in the NFC and seventh in the NFL.

New England Patriots: The Patriots re-signed special teams captain Larry Izzo on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed.
Izzo was named to the Pro Bowl team as the AFC's special team player in the 2000, 2002, and 2004 seasons.
Izzo has led the Patriots in special teams tackles in five of six seasons with New England.

Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore re-signed running back Musa Smith to a one-year contract Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed.
"It's good to have Musa back," general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "Having surgery during the season put him ahead in his recovery. He will be ready for the start of training camp. Whenever we've put him on the field, he's produced. We're looking forward to having a healthy Musa help us."
Smith, a 2003 third-round draft pick, has averaged 4.1 yards per carry in 57 career attempts, gaining 232 yards and scoring two touchdowns.

Washington Redskins: Washington re-signed defensive back Ade Jimoh on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed.
Jimoh, who has been with the Redskins since 2003, is a key special teams contributor, registering 65 special teams tackles in his career.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have agreed to terms with 30-year-old former 49ers center Jeremy Newberry on a one-year, $1.5 million contract.
The two-time Pro Bowl center had surgery to repair his damaged left knee last season and was placed on the injured reserve.



The Free Agency period has not been exactly fast & furious this year. But, it has been entertaining. While there are some great moves made by a few teams, there sure have been some head scratchers too!

My top two head scratchers are:

1. OL Leanord Davis- This guy was widely regarded as an absolute first round bust when he wore the uniform of an Arizona Cardinal. However, the enigmatic Jerry Jones apparently has thought it wise to lay a 7 year $49.6 million contract on this guy. On top of that he guaranteed $18.75 million of the money to Davis. $18.75 million in guaranteed money to a man who they have no idea if he will attempt to play at guard or tackle and at best was average at these positions. Unless Davis was faking how good he was to escape the desert heat & Jones was in on it, this Free Agent signing ranks as the worst of the off season.

2. QB Jeff Garcia- Let me just say that I think John Gruden is a very good Head Coach. Now let me say that I think John Gruden has lost his mind. You just spent the whole season convincing us all that your young QB Gradkowski has incredible potential & that he defiantly is a starter in this league! You then signed your former starter, QB Chris Simms, who actually is good enough to start in the NFL to a starters contract. Now, you turn to a QB Free Agent that has lost his starting spot on every team he has been a part of & returned to a starting position by default/injury, to save the Buc's? Jeff Garcia has got it made when it comes to Playboy Models kicking each others butts in a bar. Money does the strangest things to women's hormones. But, Garcia is finished as a starter in this league. Not only is he 38 years old, some say he was a product of a system during his glory days in San Francisco. Methinks that Mr. Gruden is panicking & that the Buc's owner is sharpening the proverbial axe. Why else would he make such a bone headed maneuver?



Kansas City has signed former Minnesota LB Napoleon Harris who projects to take over as the Chiefs' MLB this fall.


Vikings add tight end Shiancoe, linebacker Ciurcui

The Minnesota Vikings agreed to terms Saturday with two free agents, linebacker Vinny Ciurciu and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.
Ciurciu spent the last four seasons with Carolina as one of the Panthers' top special teams players. He played at Boston College.
Shiancoe spent the past four years as a backup for the New York Giants. He played in all 64 games, but caught only 35 passes for 253 yards and three touchdowns.
Minnesota released its top tight end from the last three seasons, Jermaine Wiggins, on Thursday.


Porter to get $20M guaranteed in deal with Dolphins

The Dolphins didn't want to wait for Joey Porter to make a five- to six-team tour of prospective new teams.

While Porter, the former Steelers outside linebacker, was spending Monday trying to map out his trips to selected NFL cities, the Dolphins came in with an offer he couldn't refuse. Porter agreed to a five-year, $32 million contract that includes $20 million in guarantees.


Saints give LB Simmons three-year deal

Linebacker Brian Simmons has agreed to terms of a three-year contract with the New Orleans Saints, the team announced Tuesday.


Seahawks reach six-year agreement with DE Kerney

After two days of negotiations, the Seattle Seahawks reached an agreement with Atlanta Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney, considered the best remaining free agent on the market.

Kerney, 29, got a six-year, $39.5 million contract that included $19.5 million in guarantees. He was involved in a two-way negotiating battle with the Seahawks and Denver Broncos. The decision was going to be a tough one, but it required a deadline. Kerney and his agents used the length of a flight to make his decision.


Henry fills void in Broncos' backfield

Filling their need for a proven tailback, the Denver Broncos on Monday reached a contract agreement with Travis Henry, who was released on Saturday by the Tenenessee Titans to avoid paying him an $8.3 million roster bonus


Cowboys sign Vikings QB Johnson to three-year deal

Brad Johnson signed a contract Monday night with the Dallas Cowboys, who wanted a veteran quarterback to team up with Tony Romo.



By giving up their second-round pick, the Pats dealt away a possible chip for Randy Moss. It’s hard to imagine the Raiders parting ways with Moss for anything less than a second-rounder, if they’re interested in trading him at all. The Pats still have two first-round picks, which they probably wouldn’t be interested in giving up, and a third-rounder, which wouldn’t be enough to pry Moss loose.


Jets consider acquiring Lions pick

The Journal News is reporting there were unconfirmed rumors that the Jets were thinking of swapping their first pick, 25th overall, and a defensive starter, to the Lions for the second overall pick.We have to assume the 'defensive starter' is linebacker Jonathan Vilma as his name has been the subject of many trade rumors the last few weeks.


Pats get RFA WR from rivals

New England has reportedly acquired restricted free agent WR Wes Welker from division-rival Miami In exchange, Miami is believed to have received second- and seventh-round picks at the 2007 draft. There had been reports that the Patriots were on the verge of signing Welker to an offer sheet over the weekend which the Dolphins could have matched; however, had they not matched the Dolphins would have received the second rounder as compensation


This one is a major move that not only sends shock waves on a Free Agency level but also upon the NFL Draft level. This will enable Chicago to have multiple picks in the second round in a very deep talent pool. I think when we look back we will see that the strongest players are going to come from both the second & the third rounds this year.

Bears to swap Jones for Jets draft pick

Filling their need for a No. 1 ball carrier, the Jets, according to league sources, have agreed to a trade with the NFC champion Chicago Bears that will land them Thomas Jones and the 63rd overall pick in the upcoming draft in exchange for the 37th overall pick. New York acquired that in a draft-day deal with Washington last year. The deal is expected to be approved by the league on Tuesday.

Monday, March 5, 2007


As the rumor mill continues to churn & the smoke screens continue to blow smoke, I think that we have all figured out that Notre Dame QB, Brady Quinn will not be around for my Vikes to snatch up at #7. Luckily, it's looking like the talking heads are now coming around to understand that a certain Saftey from LSU is easily worth a top 10 pick.


The NFL draft isn't for seven weeks, but here's a projection that makes sense: The Vikings will choose safety LaRon Landry from Louisiana State with their first-round pick (No. 7 overall). That's assuming defensive end Gaines Adams of Clemson is picked before No. 7, and that's a safe assumption.-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

Friday, March 2, 2007


The rumor mill keeps circulating the same information about Free Agent Wide Reciever, Kevin Curtis. If it is true, then he may soon be wearing purple since he currently has no other visits planned. In addition the Vikings are ready to promise Curtis he would be their No. 1 receiver.


CNNSI's Donn Banks is reporting that the Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl Line Backer, Takeo Spikes may be put on the trading block. If he is not traded he may very well be released as a salary cap casualty?

Spikes is coming off a serious Achilles tendon injury he suffered in the beginning of the 2005 season.


COLD DRAFT 2007 has learned that the Detroit Lions have traded veteran Defensive End James Hall to the St. Louis Rams for a 5th round draft pick. Apparently Hall was due a hefty roster bonus that Detroit GM Matt Millen was dead set on not paying. Rumor has it that Millen would have cut Hall before the bonus date arrived. Good move by Millen to get some value for a player that would have been cut loose.

Millen may just be catching on. Now if he can just figure out what to do with that pesky 2nd overall pick.


ESPN RADIO reports the Denver Broncos may have inked TE Daniel Graham to a contract. The contract is reported to include $10 million in guarenteed money.
As perdicted Denver is looking to make quite a splash in Free Agency & making the big push for the post season. Makes one wonder if Shannahan is feeling the heat?
The scuttlebut is that Tight End Daniel Graham, in fact, did not sign with the Denver Broncos. Graham is still in play! Did you hear that Zygi Wilf???


Maybe not?
Ok, this rumor in "Draft Rumor #13" sent shock waves through the Internet & sent those of us doing Mock Drafts scrambling to adjust. Now, we hear that Mr. Plummer may rather retire rather than go to Tampa. Further speculation is that he would rather be traded to the Houston Texans to replace former 1st rounder David Carr. Plummer's move may very well squash this trade & I cannot see Head Coach John Gruden forcing the issue with the seemingly disgruntled former starter.
Look for Plummer to go to the Texans & John Gruden to look to Veteran Free Agent QB Jeff Garcia. While I take another look at my "TOP 10 MOCK DRAFT"!!!!
Plummer may retire rather than take trade

By Len
In a twist that could scuttle a proposed trade to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, veteran quarterback Jake Plummer told friends and business associates Friday afternoon that he plans to retire from football, rather than to continue his NFL career in another city.
Plummer reported Friday morning that the Denver Broncos had reached agreement in principle on most of the elements of a trade that would send Plummer to the Bucs, where he would compete with Chris Simms for the starting job.
But only a few hours later, it appeared Plummer was ready to carry through on retirement suggestions he made earlier in the offseason, when it first became apparent the Broncos were shopping him in trade talks.
A source in the Tampa organization said Friday afternoon the deal to acquire Plummer is "on hold ... at best." The source indicated that there were ongoing discussions aimed at convincing Plummer to accept the trade and play in 2007, but that the veteran passer was prepared to walk away from the game.
Under the terms discussed, the Broncos would have received a middle-round draft choice, believed to be a fourth-rounder, in exchange for Plummer. The trade was expected to be announced on Friday, provided all the major details were completed.
But that was before Plummer, scheduled to earn a base salary of $5.3 million for the 2007 season, wavered.
Tampa Bay re-signed Simms to a two-year contract earlier this offseason. But with Simms coming off a 2006 season in which he underwent an emergency splenectomy, the Bucs have been shopping for a veteran quarterback to bolster the depth chart.
Veteran backup Tim Rattay became an unrestricted free agent on Friday and was not expected to return to Tampa Bay.
Plummer, 32, lost his starting job in Denver to rookie Jay Cutler late last season and the Broncos have been entertaining trade offers in the offseason. A 10-year veteran, Plummer has started 136 games in stints with Arizona (1997-2002) and Denver (2003-2006). He has completed 2,484 of 4,350 passes for 29,253 yards, with 161 touchdown passes and 161 interceptions, for a passer rating of 74.6.


With the NFL's "FREE AGENCY" period that began @ midnight lastnight, the landscape for April's NFL DRAFT has changed considerably. The latest rumor, if true, further transforms our predictions. Here is the latest DRAFT RUMOR from COLD DRAFT 2007!!!

Broncos near deal to send Plummmer to Bucs

By Len has learned that the Denver Broncos have reached agreement in principle on most of the elements of a trade that will send veteran quarterback Jake Plummer to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Under the terms being discussed, the Broncos would receive a middle-round draft choice, believed to be a fourth-rounder, in exchange for Plummer. The trade could be announced as early as Friday.
Tampa Bay re-signed Chris Simms to a two-year contract earlier this offseason. But with Simms coming off a 2006 season in which he underwent an emergency splenectomy, the Bucs have been shopping for a veteran quarterback to bolster the depth chart.
Veteran backup Tim Rattay became an unrestricted free agent on Friday and was not expected to return to Tampa Bay.
Plummer, 32, lost his starting job in Denver to rookie Jay Cutler late last season and the Broncos have been entertaining trade offers in the offseason. A 10-year veteran, Plummer has started 136 games in stints with Arizona (1997-2002) and Denver (2003-2006). He has completed 2,484 of 4,350 passes for 29,253 yards, with 161 touchdown passes and 161 interceptions, for a passer rating of 74.6.

Monday, February 26, 2007


The Seahawks are reportedly hoping to trade Darrell Jackson.

The team hasn't commented publicly or initiated trade talks yet, but it's no surprise. Jackson has been unhappy regarding an old contract snafu and the Seahawks can't be happy with his attitude or drops. They seem willing to take a $4 million cap hit to deal him. He will have a hard time finding a better situation than Seattle to put up big numbers.



COLD DRAFT 2007 has the latest on the Linebackers unofficial 40-times from today's combine workouts.

40-yard dash

Antione barnes - 4.40
Quincy Black - 4.42
Patrick Willis - 4.49
Tim Shaw - 4.49
Justin Durant - 4.51
Chad Nkang - 4.51
Zak Deossie - 4.53
David Harris - 4.53
Lawrence Timmons - 4.59
Jon Beason - 4.64
Buster Davis - 4.67
Paul Posluszny - 4.68
Michael Okwo - 4.69
Stewart Bradley - 4.69
Rufus Alexander - 4.70
Dallas Sartz - 4.70
Quinton Culberson - 4.77
Kamichael Hall - 4.79
Blair Phillips - 4.82
Earl Everett - 4.88
Prescott Burgess - 4.90


It was time for the big men to run and run they did. "COLD DRAFT 2007" now brings you the 40 times for the defensive linemen from the 2007 Indianapolis NFL Combine!

40-yard dash - Defensive Lineman
Unofficial 40-yard dash times from today's combine workouts.
1. Gaines Adams - 4.64
2. Jacob Ford - 4.65
3. Brian Robison - 4.66
4. Jarvis Moss - 4.68
5. Tim Crowder - 4.69
6. Baraka Atkins - 4.69
7. CJ Ah You - 4.70
8. Antwan Applewhite - 4.73
9. Justin Hickman - 4.75
10. Anthony Spencer - 4.76
11. Dan Bazuin - 4.77
12. Victor Degrate - 4.77
13. Victor Abiamiri -4.80
14. Charles Johnson - 4.81
15. Quentin Moses - 4.82
16. Claude McBride - 4.85
17. Xzavier Jackson - 4.88
18. Quinn Pitcock - 4.90
19. Abrahamd Wright - 4.91
20. Amobi Okoye - 5.00
21. Alan Branch -5.01
22. Alan Branch -5.01
23. DeMarcus Tyler - 5.33


The Running Backs have begun to run & while not as impressive as the Wide Receivers times, some of which finished a full second better, these young men are also putting up some really good finishing scores. Take a gander & remember to keep us on your favorites to check back for more exciting NFL Combine action!


1. Chris Henry - 4.33 / 4.40
2. Adrian Peterson - 4.38 / 4.43 /4.40
3. Antonio Pittman - 4.44 / 4.42 /4.40
4. Marshawn Lynch - 4.52 / 4.49 / 4.46
5. Deshawn Wynn - 4.49 / 4.45 / 4.48
6. Lorenzo Booker - 4.45 / 4.46
7. Kenny Irons - 4.47 / 4.45
8. Alonzo Coleman - 4.52 / 4.49
9. Brian Leonard - 4.49
10. Romance Taylor - 4.52 / 4.50
11. Kolby Smith - 4.51
12. Brandon Jackson - 4.58
13. Eldra Buckley - 4.59
14. Ahmad Bradshaw - 4.60
15. Kenneth Darby - 4.64
16. Dwayne Wright - 4.68
17. Tyrone Moss - 4.83 / 4.70
18. Jason Snelling - 4.74
19. Gary Russell - 4.84

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Possibly the most exciting part of the NFL Combine is the 40 yard dash times of the Wide Receiver class. This years prospects did not disappoint. Kansas State WildCat "YAMON FIGURS" zipped across the finish line with an unbelievable time of "4.30" seconds!!! UNREAL!!!

Here are the rest of the 40 times!

1. Yamon Figurs ,Kansas St. 4.30
2. Jason Hill, Washington St. 4.32
3. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech 4.35
4. Mike Walker,Central Florida 4.35
5. David Clowney, Virginia Tech 4.36
6. Laurent Robinson, Illinois St. 4.38
7. Robert Meachem, Tennessee 4.39
8. Aundrae Allison,East Carolina 4.39
9. Mike Mason,Tennessee St. 4.40
10. Steve Breaston, Michigan 4.41
11. Legedu Naanee, Boise St. 4.41
12. Chandler Williams, Florida Int. 4.42
13. Steve Smith, Southern Cal 4.44
14. Anthony Gonzales, Ohio St. 4.44
15. Jonathan Holland, Louisiana Tech 4.45
16. Paul Williams, Fresno St. 4.45
17. Craig Davis, Louisiana St. 4.46
18. Ryne Robinson, Miami-Ohio 4.47
19. Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP 4.48
20. 10. Courtney Taylor, Auburn 4.50


1st WR Result In
The initial wide receiver results are in and they're impressive. Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson opted to run and he was everything we thought he'd be, clocking an official 4.35 at 6-5 and 239 lbs. The real surprise however was Washington State's Jason Hill, who many thought lacked top speed but came through with an amazing 4.32!


With the mind blowing 40 time that Miami U., Tight End Greg Olsen set on Saturday the rest of the Tight End class struggled to come close, with the exception of Ben Patrick. Here are the rest of the 40 times being reported!

40-yard dash - Tight Ends
Unofficial 40-yard dash times from today's combine workouts -Michael Allan - 4.67Kevin Boss - 4.74Scott Chandler - 4.81Jonny Harline - 4.87Clark Harris - 4.85Zach Miller - 4.84Joe Newton - 4.89Greg Olsen - 4.47Ben Patrick - 4.78Anthony Pudewell - 5.07Gijon Robinson - 4.83Derek Schouman - 4.77


This just in on "COLD DRAFT 2007"!

Greg Olsen runs a 4.47 40-yard dash

Greg Olsen, after weighing in at 6'6" and 254 lbs, just ran an unofficial 4.47 40-yard dash at the combine. He is separating himself from the rest of the tight end competition and should be a first round lock and the first tight end off the board on draft day. Zach Miller, thought to be Olsen's main competition for the top TE spot, only managed a 4.84 40-yard time.


"COLD DRAFT 2007" continues to bring you the most up to date reports of the NFL Combine all weekend. Keep it tuned here for more!

40-yard dash - Offensive linemen
Some unofficial times from today's combine workouts

-Andy Alleman - 4.96Allen Barbre - 4.86Josh Beekman - 5.39Justin Blalock - 5.23Levi Brown - 5.39Doug Datish - 5.18Chris Denman - 5.20Tim Duckworth - 5.42Doug Free - 5.22Gabe Hall - 4.89Ryan Kalil - 4.96James Marten - 4.99Joe Thomas - 4.96Tony Ugoh - 4.99


ALRIGHT! The first reports from Day #3 of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis have come in & some of these reports are very exciting!!! We will start off with the Offensive Linemens Bench Press numbers.

Combine bench press numbers

The offensive lineman are in the weight room today. They're doing reps of 225 lbs. on the bench press. Here are some notable rep numbers

-Joe Thomas - 28 reps, Levi Brown - 31 reps,

Ryan Kalil - 34 reps, Nathan Bennett - 34 reps,

Brandon Frye - 34 reps, Dustin Fry - 34 reps,

Manuel Ramirez 40 reps, Justin Blalock - 40 reps.

Friday, February 23, 2007


As the excitment amps up for Saturdays performances more & more cancelations & proclemations keep pouring in. We here at "COLD DRAFT 2007" will do our best to keep you updated!

Russell will sit, Peterson and Lynch will perform

The bad news, JaMarcus Russell announced he won't perform any drills this weekend at the combine.The good news, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch will perform all combine drills including the 40-yard dash. Both players said they expect to run in the 4.3-4.4 range.


"COLD DRAFT 2007" continues its ongoing coverage of the 2007 Indianapolis based NFL COMBINE! Here is another report on who I believe is the top prospect, overall, for this Aprils NFL DRAFT! Thanks again to the people over at


Calvin Johnson weighed in at 239 pounds this morning. He was the heaviest receiver at the combine. It will be interesting to see if someone his size can actually run a 4.33 40, as he was reported to do during workouts last week. Last year Vernon Davis wowed everyone at the combine with a 4.38 40 after weighing in at 250 pounds.